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Post #9. Daughtry and Disney

Post #9. Daughtry & Disney

I find it safe to say the majority of people on this earth enjoy music of any kind. I think that people relate really well to music and can even affect our mood. Each song tells its own story and helps people relate to different situations in life.  I don’t know if anyone remembers the UPular Remix  clip (from the movie UP) from I believe the first week of school, but it entailed an upbeat and cheerful tone. The clip I have chosen is kind of similar to the one from UP, but is different in the way that instead of using sounds from within the movie to make a song, this clip uses a song and puts 2 movies together.  This new clip someone made their own music video with clips from The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan to “Life After You” from Daughtry.

 In this video, someone spliced together the movies The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan to form a music video. The song “Life After You,” by Daughtry is about loving another person and without them your life would be really bland. I think that the animator used sections of The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan together in a way it was able to tell an alternative story then their original plot lines. I think that the animator of this video succeeded in its purpose to make a music video that included Ariel and Peter, but there were some parts of the video that were put together kind of rough. Also, Peter was very pixilated in some parts during the video.

This video succeeded in the object to tell the story of the song. There are some points I would like to point out. Around 1:00 into the video it shows a “fight” between Ariel and Peter. I think that especially because it was about treasure hunting it was believable because it is something that both Ariel and Peter have done. Some negative points that I would like to point out is around 0:50 Peter looks very pixilated  which was kind of a reoccurring problem, and around 3:00 in you can actually see Eric in the background (a character that was not meant to be included). My point is that although there were some technical mistakes I think the animator achieved the goal of using two different movies with different plot lines, and pulled them together for a central theme. Even though it was a little rough at times I really enjoyed watching the video and it evoked the feelings the song was ment to evoke.

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  1. I love when people remake Disney clips to make something else with it. I like this song and how the animator told a new story with characters from two different Disney movies. It is very unique. It is too bad that Peter Pan was of poor quality for most of the video. Even with regular music videos, I like the ones that tell a story because it makes you think about the actual words in the song. The animator did a good job of portraying the meaning of the song with the characters as well as putting the worded clips together of Ariel and Peter Pan during the fight part. Overall I really enjoyed this video, it was very cute.

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  3. This clip reminds me of a similar clip that uses the same concept of telling a story by merging two different shows. A certain video that takes scenes from buffy the vampire slayer and twilight is actually really good. It gets a story across very clearly by taking clips from each one respectively and pairing them up. However, I would advise against making a video such as these, as the creator of the buffy and twilight one is now finding himself in a lawsuit! But interesting idea..

  4. I think this is a really neat idea, if a little weirdly executed. The most interesting parts are when the cut to black and white and merge the two characters instead of simply cutting back and forth. I do find it curious that Peter is always so pixelated. The Ariel bits are clear enough that they might have come from a DVD, and Peter was obviously downloaded from somewhere, all compressed. It just seems like a waste of all that work to have a finished product so pixelated…

  5. This was a nice video. I appreciate what the creator was trying to do and in some cases, as you pointed out, did well. However, the sloppy parts took me out of the moment and I became far too aware that the video was spliced together. This was especially apparent when Ariel was talking to the one guy and the other guy just kind of appeared out from behind the first guy.

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  7. This was a really creative idea. I would never have picked those two videos to combine showing a love interest. “Life after You” by Daughtry is a great song…one of my favorites. I have to agree with some of the other comments about the quality of the animations used, etc. But I realize that this was done as a fan video and not by a professional.

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